Baguio Food Finds Part 3 (After Hours): Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

photo3 (1)So you’ve had dinner, wolfed down some java and dessert, and you’re looking to cap off the night with friends in Baguio City before you head back home in the morning. You have a handful of nightclubs to choose from in this small, chilly city, but you’re more in the mood for chatter rather than dancing, and conversation is impossible under the strobe lights and the over-zealous bass beats, so you settle for a more intimate,low-key setting, clinking bottles of cold ones.

photo1 (1)The name is not fooling you: it is just another damn good sick joint.

If you think McLaren’s in Wilsons, Greenhills was the closest you can get to the real-life version of the similarly-named How I Met Your Mother pub, then Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint, a bar located in The Camp along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio is sure to give it a run for its money.

The moment you enter its wooden saloon doors, it’s not hard to miss the obvious inspiration, with passages from the well-loved and much-quoted Bro Code from the hit show are adorned on its walls. Plush couches that resemble the How I Met Your Mother fivesome’s iconic booth, and wooden accents make up the interior of this hangout. Not one to root for just the boys, portions of the so-called “Sis Code” and “Chick Code” are also sprawled on a portion of the bar’s walls, as a female counterpart to the Stinson Bible.

IMG_6183A personal favorite are the wooden barrels that double as makeshift stools, a good addition to the modern-slash-industrial design of the place. A host of draft beers are available, going for about 200 pesos a pop, but the local favorite San Miguel beers are also served.

There is a warm ambiance ideal for after-hour drinks with the bros, though much is left to be desired about that long name. Just how exactly do you abbreviate it? JADSJ? Joint? It’s pretty hard to have it come up in conversation when the very name leaves you tongue-tied. Or maybe, just maybe, that’s the whole point. #

*Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint can be found at The Camp along Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.


One thought on “Baguio Food Finds Part 3 (After Hours): Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

  1. Just ate and had a pitcher of cocktail with my friends last weekend at Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint. At first, we find the ambiance and the drink good – not until we found out that the Taro chips we are eating (1/4 left) has something with it – a cockroach (fried, to be specific). Eewie! My friends insisted to disregard about it, but I still told the manager regarding the issue. They apologize though and offered another serving to us but we could not take another bite of those anymore. Too disappointing.


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