MMFF 2016 review: Saving Sally

MMFF 2016 review: Saving Sally

Saving Sally is the little movie that could

In retrospect, 2006 seems like a world away: before smartphones and Facebook reigned supreme, there was Friendster and there was Multiply, and sending MMS (multimedia messages) took up much time and fortune.

Yet even back then, it was clear that director Avid Liongoren and writer Charlene Sawit-Esguerra had a vision, one that they would tirelessly pursue for 10 years, and one they would cling to even when all hope of seeing their live-action-slash-animation feature film come alive seemed bleak. Saving Sally went through years of development hell, mounted by a skeletal team of 5 animators in director Avid’s home in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City.

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