Embracing the Weird with “The Panda Rabbit”

Embracing the Weird with “The Panda Rabbit”

Brad and Angelina are right in front of my face.

panda rabbit 4

At least the panda versions of them, and along with the rest of their version of the Brady bunch, no less. It’s a concept that’s equal parts endearing and hilarious at the same time, drawn distinctly enough to look like the Hollywood power family they are, but without the crassness of a parody.

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Keeper Of The Fade

Slick Barbers in session.

The master of the pompadour has arrived and he’s taken the city by storm, one haircut at a time.

“Is this the place?” We asked this to ourselves, unsure as the tricycle screeched to a full stop. The heat was scorching, expected of noon in the day, as my friend and I found ourselves in a residential area that was more reminiscent of my hometown in the province.

But, no, we were somewhere in Santa Lucia in Pasig City, and we laughed to ourselves at the pains we took to get to this obscure village—it wasn’t the easiest destination to find, after all.

Just a few steps ahead of us, a little boy is plopped on a makeshift high chair, getting his haircut. In a decrepit basketball court, some guys had set up shop with a pop-up barbershop and foldable tables for booths selling local organic pomade and statement shirts. This was Coast 2 Coast, and the Slick Barbers were in session, a group of new-generation barbers that proved fancy haircuts didn’t really need a fancy place.

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#EsquireEheads: One Night Only

Mga pogi. Part of the memorabilia at the Eraserheads exhibit in collaboration with Team Manila that night.

“Hindi ‘to Eraserheads ha, this night never happened”, Ely jests the fevered crowd, “Pupil kami ha”. Raymund echoes Ely’s warning, as a familiar, LSS-inducing guitar lick comes alive. Again, the audience goes wild. “You didn’t see us”, Raymund reminds the crowd ready to bust into the lyrics any time soon. And then it goes on.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
A (blurry) shot of the members: Marcus Adoro, Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, and Raymund Marasigan.


The Eraserheads, aka “Markus Highway, Sandwich, Pupil, and The Dawn” are playing. And they’re playing Magasin.

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