The Lie Behind “The Naked Truth”

In the United Nations headquarters in New York, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is giving an impassioned speech about gender equality, and why objectification needs to be stopped.

Halfway around the world, Ikaw Lamang actor Coco Martin is walking around a runway in Manila with a woman on all fours wearing a leash.

Two strikingly contrasting events, happening on the same day in different parts of the globe. This says so much about real state of popular culture, and how grossly immersed it is in hypersexualization in order to sell.

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Something’s Brewing: EDSA Beverage Design Studio

Baristas at work.

To label EDSA Beverage Design Studio as another byproduct of the third wave coffee revolution would be, in a word, inaccurate. Neither would be dismissing it as yet another bar that served midday cocktails to the snappily-dressed twenty somethings lurking around Ortigas with time and a wad of cash to spare.

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#EsquireEheads: One Night Only

Mga pogi. Part of the memorabilia at the Eraserheads exhibit in collaboration with Team Manila that night.

“Hindi ‘to Eraserheads ha, this night never happened”, Ely jests the fevered crowd, “Pupil kami ha”. Raymund echoes Ely’s warning, as a familiar, LSS-inducing guitar lick comes alive. Again, the audience goes wild. “You didn’t see us”, Raymund reminds the crowd ready to bust into the lyrics any time soon. And then it goes on.

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A (blurry) shot of the members: Marcus Adoro, Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, and Raymund Marasigan.


The Eraserheads, aka “Markus Highway, Sandwich, Pupil, and The Dawn” are playing. And they’re playing Magasin.

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What I Wore For Me: A Deeper Look Into the #WIWFM Movement

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It began with a conversation.

My batchmate, Keisha (, was lamenting to her friend Celine ( about how the erratic weather conditions in the country were making it difficult for her to dress up, to which they both agreed was just an excuse to not look their best. These were two beautiful young women; smart, confident and composed to others, yet somehow the inaccessibility of dressing up and looking good for themselves had been brought up.

As a resolution, they, along with a handful of friends, decided to dress up weekly called “Fasyon Fridays”, where every Friday of the week was dedicated to dressing up according to a common theme. One thing led to another, and that another turned into the fashion, beauty and style advocacy: #WIWFM (What I Wore For Me).

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